Introducing our new Maverick

    Series multi-process Z-axis - Upgrade Package

    (This option is only for existing Maverick Series

    owners and is eligable for the promotional

    discount code provided by Squickmon's)


    This package includes everything listed below:


    Standard Z-axis Includes:

    • Anti-collision spring retract torch holder (1)
      • Proximity sensing
      • Auto-emergency stop
      • 2 axis torch adjustment for squaring.
    • Ohmic sensing for feather touch off
    • Vertical Homing
    • 7” of Z-axis clearance without indexing torch or additional setup.
    • New Z-axis rear enclosure (2) with electronics rack assembly including panel mount XLR connectors for proximity sensor connection and ohmic sensor connection (3)
    • Easy to install with 3D modeled instructional video.

    (basic soldering knowledge needed for one connection, video instructions are included)



    Assembly with Pneumatic etching

    and marker attachment Includes:


    • Everything in standard Z-axis included
    • Pneumatic rack assembly
      • 2 Parker pneumatic cylinders
      • 2 Low pressure air regulators (4)
      • 1 standard air regulator (245 max inlet psi)
      • 3 Pneumatic solenoids
      • Quick connect fittings throughout
    • New Z-axis rear enclosure including:
      • Control panel for air regulation of cylinders.
      • Seamless air connections through enclosure using bulkhead quick connect air fittings.
      • Ohmic sensing LED indicators for touch off contact.
      • Panel mount XLR connectors for Proximity and Ohmic sensor connection.
    • Machined slim profile pneumatic scribe Clamp and Chicago Pneumatic air scribe (5)
    • Machined slim profile floating marker attachment for Milwaukee permanent markers and option for dry erase. (6)
    • All CNC machined and anodized components.
    • Pneumatic control valve to adjust intensity and depth of etching.