All CNC Tables come with:


    • Arc PRO Automation - All In One Software (CAD, CAM, CNC)
    • Ohmic Sensing (Probe Zero Sensing
    • Collission Detection Head (includes torch squaring and integrated floating head switch)


    • 5 year warranty on all CNC electronics
    • 5 year warranty on all mechanical components
    • Lifetime Tech Support

    (see Warranty page for more info)




    • Laptop Design PC
    • Air Bladder
    • Computer Station
    • Steel Frame


      • Our CNC Tables have been Engineered for the shop that wants an industrial machine with high quality electronics, our products will last for years to come. All of our tables have a fully welded heavy duty design, 2X8 & 2X6 steel tube construction that encompasses a 4" deep water bed, along with 2X3 steel tubing legs; all made from .120" thick American made Steel. If you need to load a 1" thick sheet of steel, no problem! Why buy a plasma cutter that has the cutting capacity for thicker material and a CNC table with a frame that will not support it.




      • Along side our industrial frame we have equipped all of our tables with quality electronics. When it comes to CNC plasma cutting you do not want to be left without a DTHC (Digital Torch height control), which is why we do not sell any tables without it. With our lightning fast DTHC you can cut full sheets of corrugated steel at 250 ipm without any issues.


      Drive System


      • All of our drive systems are engineered to operate smoothly throughout any cut path, from 5 ipm up to 500 ipm (and rapids over 1000 ipm) they will not miss a beat. Rack and pinion drives are paired with a 3:1 belt reduction system on both the X-axis and Y-axis allowing for 1860 oz*in of torque. The Z-axis was created with ultimate accuracy in mind, using 20mm linear slides and 5 rotations per inch ball screw drive; this addition to our tables will allow for a flawless DTHC operation.


      Linear Components


      • In CNC plasma cutting although you are fighting the kurf bevel there is no reason to battle cut quality that you can control. All of our CNC tables come standard with Linear rail systems across both the X, Y, and Z-axis. The X and Y-axis rails have embeded case hardened steel races with a sealed cylindrical roller bearing design. This allows for protection against plasma dust building up on the rails which can lead to premature failure. This will ensure that you can expect to hold tolorances of +.003, -.003. avoiding unnecesary slop within the mechanical system.


      These are just some of the reasons why customers choose Squickmon's for their CNC plasma solution.



      Let us supply you with a CNC table that can do it all. Leave those bolt together kits alone and call us today to get all of your questions answered.